Heroes of the Painted Sky

Game 3

Down the PCs descended, into the subterranean caverns beneath the evil, racist nation of Cordova, in the hopes of evading the Cordovan patrols that had been hunting them for the last 48 hours. At the bottom of the tunnel they discovered an 80-foot cliff which opened up into a huge cavern, filled with gigantic subterranean mushrooms the size of trees and lit by bioluminescent flora. They also discovered a much smaller hole which was just big enough for a goblin (or a halfling) to wriggle through. Bob bravely volunteered, and found an easy descent that opened up at the bottom of the cliff, which must have been how the goblins climbed to the top of the cliff in the first place. Using ropes, the rest of the PCs carefully descended, coming to the bottom of the cliff.

They resolved to head southeast and make for the Elven lands which the Cordovan boy had told them about. Rumor had it that the elves were still able to go to war with the Cordovans, which made them natural allies for the Cordovan-hating PCs. As the PCs looked for a tunnel that would lead them southeast, they spotted a hunting party of kobolds to the north, using spears to hunt the small underground pigs that lived in the mushroom forest. The kobolds had not spotted them yet, so the PCs wisely avoided them, making for the south wall of the cavern.

But they had no sooner gotten out of sight of the kobolds than they spotted a mysterious line of purple-red mushrooms, each about the size of a watermelon, which had apparently been planted so as to form a perimeter of sorts. Unfortunately the PCs were unable to identify the strange flora, and when they went to touch one it emitted a piercing high-pitched wail, giving away their position!

The kobolds came running towards the PCs, spears at the ready, and in the distance to the south they spotted the forms of strange mushroom-people watching them. The kobolds intercepted the PCs at the south wall of the cavern, and a pitched battle ensued. Unfortunately for the kobolds, a mysterious stranger emerged after a few rounds of melee, charging right into the kobold lines and slaughtering one after another in a mad rage! He appeared as a mountain of wild, unkempt hair, for both the hair on his head and that of his beard had clearly not been tended in months. He was short, clearly Dwarven in stature, and walked with a limp, making him slower than even a regular dwarf. Beneath his wild hair, the PCs could make out chain mail that had been ignored and left to rust and molder. He smelled foul and flecks of spittle flew from his mouth as he spoke, and yet in his hand he clutched a hammer emblazoned with glowing runes and etched in gold and platinum. He tore into the kobold ranks like a thunderstorm, striking down one after another, and swiftly putting the rest to flight.

After the battle had ended, he ignored the PCs and began to pick over the dead kobolds, looting their bodies. Venjin approached and began to question him, but he said little. He kept repeating the phrase “Zep’s dead, Holly’s dead, Elras is dead, Tharin is gone, and yet the Oathbreaker lives.” When he had finished looting the kobolds, he turned and wandered off into the darkness of the caverns from whence he came. The PCs chose not to follow him.

Instead, they approached the mushroom creatures which had stood silently in the distance, watching the battle with the kobolds. Venjin approached them, and one of them opened up a fungal pod and sprayed him with a cloud of spores, and Venjin suddenly realized he could hear the creatures speaking inside his head, and could converse with them telepathically! They told him they were Myconids, peaceful subterranean farmers and tenders of the mushroom forest. They said that they were at war with the kobolds, who despoil the great mushrooms and ambush the Myconids at every opportunity, and that anyone who killed kobolds was a friend to them. They offered the PCs food from their mushroom farms, and a safe place to rest for the night. They told them there were two ways out of the great mushroom forest (besides the way the PCs had entered it). To the south was a great cliff face hundreds of feet high, but at the top was another cavern, occupied by a group of creatures known only as the Black Hands, which seemed to be some sort of mixed-race mercenary army led by hobgoblins. To the west was another passage that led to a place called the Lake of Black Glass, which was inhabited by what the Myconids described as “fish-people.”

After some deliberation, the PCs decided that they wanted to help the Myconids by driving the kobolds from the mushroom forest. They knew the kobolds had set up a small keep with a palisade wall made of mushroom stems. Rather than assault it directly, they set an ambush and waited for the next kobold hunting party to pass by. Within less than a day, they found one and eradicated it in a short but brutal combat. They lay in wait for another hunting party, but none emerged and it soon became clear that the kobolds were reluctant to send another hunting party out after they had lost two in rapid succession.

Unfazed, the PCs gathered a group of Myconids warriors (as well as undead kobolds animated by the zombifying spores of the Myconid sovereign), and charged the kobold keep head on! At first the battle seemed to be going against them – the kobolds hailed the PCs with arrows and spears and took out the zombies very quickly, beginning to pick off the Myconid warriors one by one. But Moirae and Bob were able to pick off individual kobolds on the walls one by one with spells and arrows, and the turning point came when Venjin and the Myconid warriors shattered a portion of the wall, allowing the warriors to flood inside the keep and lay waste to the fragile kobolds. Venjin struck down their leader, Skree-Yark while the massive Myconids shattered the fragile bones of many of her followers, leaving no survivors. The victorious PCs looted the kobold keep, finding a substantial amount of copper, silver and golden coins as well as a handful of gems and a Driftglobe. Each participant gained 150 experience points, and the group decided to adjourn for the day at that point.



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