Character Creation and House Rules

Character Creation

New characters start at the average level of all existing player characters, rounded down. New characters can employ any of the races, classes, or feats found in the Player’s Handbook or Dungeon Master’s Guide. A player with an existing character can choose at any time to abandon that character, and make a new one. The abandoned character becomes an NPC under the GM’s control. The new character begins the game at a time and place of the GM’s choosing, and with equipment of the GM’s choosing, although every effort will be made to introduce the new character as soon as possible.

Characters of an evil alignment or characters of a monstrous race such as a goblin or troglodyte character are subject to GM approval.

House Rules

Advantage and Disadvantage – If you have both advantage and disadvantage on a roll, they cancel out. If you have multiple effects that would all give you either advantage or disadvantage on the same roll, if more of them would give you advantage, then you have advantage on that roll. If more of them would give you disadvantage, then you have disadvantage on that roll.

Piety – All characters can choose a single god to worship as their patron deity. Acts which are consistent with your patron deity’s commandments and ethos will result in gaining piety points. Acts which go against the patron deity’s commandments or ethos will result in the loss of piety points. As an action, a character can beseech their patron deity for aid. Each deity has a selection of powers available, each of which costs a certain amount of piety. The power automatically succeeds and the PC loses the requisite amount of piety. Piety cannot be reduced below 0 in this way.

Character Creation and House Rules

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